Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditons of SA Garden

  1. The name of the project shall be SA Gardens and the plots will be offered to buyers on first come first served basis.
  2. The society shall offer Plots of various sizes in the project, for sale on ownership basis.
  3. All Pakistani citizens and non resident Pakistanis living abroad are eligible to apply for Plots.
  4. All booking forms for booking/allotment shall be submitted on the prescribed form duly filled in and signed by the applicant along with a Cheque/ pay order/ demand draft drawn in the name of S A GARDENS (Pvt) Ltd. Client shall not pay the amount in shape of cash to any dealer or representative, otherwise company will not be responsible.
  5. In case any buyer desires to cancel the Booking/ allotment of the Plot and get the refund of the amount deposited towards the cost the amount shall be refunded after deduction of 10% of Total Price of the Plot as service charges, after Six months from the date of written request.
  6. The allottee shall pay documentation charges, Electricity, Gas, Water connection charges and nominal annual charges to society for security and maintenance etc. as per applicable rules.
  7. The allottee shall not sub let, transfer or sell the plot to anyone else without the prior permission of the society. However the plot can be transferred after clearance of all outstanding dues payable to society, and 2% transfer fee will be charged to transfer the plot.
  8. The schedule fixed for each and every installment for the payment shall be the essence of the contract. A demand notice (15) fifteen days shall be served to the buyer by registered SD. Post. If the payment is not received within the stipulated period, penalty will be charged or the society shall serve a final notice and then cancel the booking / allotment. The amount received by the society till that time will be refunded after six months when the said plot is re-booked by a new buyer and after deducting 10% of the total price of plot as services charges.
  9. The allottee shall abide by laws and by the existing rules and regulations prescribed by the society and the TMA and other concerned authorities.
  10. The society undertakes to complete and deliver the project within the targeted period. However, if for reasons of Force Majeure, which includes acts of God, WAR (declare or un declared), Civil Commotion, natural disaster, hostilities, fire, flood, earthquake, explosions, blockades and any other causes beyond control of the society, it may delay the completion of project or it may abandon the project and will refund installments received from the allottee within (6) months from the announcement made to this effect. It is clearly understood that in such eventuality the allottee will not claim interest or damages of any nature what so ever from the society.
  11. The area of plot mentioned is approximate. If actual measurement of the area is found more or less, the buyer shall be charged on the actual allocated area on the proportionate basis.
  12. The allottee shall pay all the taxes etc levied by Govt. local bodies and municipal bodies or any other authorities / agencies including those existing at present and those that may be levied by the above mentioned and / or other authorities in future.
  13. The construction on the plot shall be strictly in accordance with applicable town planning architectural (control) Rules and Registrations of the concerned authorities, No Objection Certificate (N.O.C) shall have to be obtained from the society before submitting the building plans for the approval of the authorities after clearance of all dues of the society. No construction on the plot shall be carried out without approval by the authorities and intimation of such approval, to the society.
  14. All disputes between the society and the allottee relating to the Plot shall be referred to arbitrator and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.
  15. The society reserves the right for any changes in location, size and dimension of plot due to changes in layout plan, without any prior notice.
  16. All Original Documents Would be recovered by SA GARDENS at the time of handing over final Registry to Client.